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USPTA Offers Certification Exams

The USPTA is offering more than 125 tennis certification exams across the U.S. Each test date includes a certification review course then the exam.

The exam includes an on-court evaluation of private and group lesson instruction, plus evaluation of playing skills, stroke and grip analysis, and other teaching skills. It also includes a written test covering teaching and business management skills, rules, club activity programming, and other topics.

The pre-exam review course includes a review of exam topics such as developing student rapport, class organization, lesson progressions, and teaching techniques. Successful applicants for the certification exam become Professional-level members of USPTA. The association offers separate membership opportunities for part-time teachers and wheelchair tennis instructors.

Advanced registration for the exam is required, and is available online at or by calling 800-877-8248. Information is also available by emailing The fee for the exam is $175.



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