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Lever 2000 Promotion to Help Bring In New Players

Tennis facilities are invited to sign up for a promotion from Lever 2000 designed to help them attract new players to their facilities. Visit to sign up and be eligible to win hundreds of prizes and tickets to the 2008 US Open.

Lever 2000 will distribute more than 5 million packages of bar soap that will include a voucher driving consumers to a website where they can then find a participating facility to try tennis for free. The campaign also includes TV spots and newspaper and magazine ads, along with other major retailer promotions.

To be identified as a participating facility, you need to offer a one-hour beginner clinic once a month in June, July, August, and September (it can be part of an existing clinic) and the clinic must accommodate up to 12 students. Other requirements, listed on the website, include Lever 2000 promotional material.



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