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USRSA Members' Choice Awards 2007 -- Categorical scores


Babolat VS + natural gut179.79
Babolat VS + natural gut169.67
Babolat VS Team Thermogut179.67
Wilson Natural169.5
Babolat VS Touch Thermogut169.48
Babolat Tonic+ Thermo Ball Feel15L9.44
Wilson NXT179.04
Tecnifibre NRG2 SPL189
Gamma TNT188.96
Gamma Professional178.93
Gamma Professional168.9
Tecnifibre NRG2 SPL178.9
Gamma Live Wire XP178.83
Wilson NXT Tour178.75
Tecnifibre X-One Biphase168.71
Tecnifibre X-One Biphase178.6
Wilson NXT Tour188.56
Wilson NXT168.5
Gamma Live Wire178.47
Wilson NXT Tour168.43
Gamma TNT178.39
Gamma Live Wire XP168.36
Babolat Xcel Premium178.35
Tecnifibre NRG2 SPL168.34
Prince Premier w/Softflex178.27
Gamma Live Wire168.2
Wilson NXT OS168.19
Prince Premier w/Softflex168.08
Babolat Xcel Premium168.07
HEAD Protector168.06
Tecnifibre 515 SPL168.06
Wilson NXT Max168
Wilson Reaction178
Luxilon TIMO177.94
Wilson Sensation177.92
HEAD FXP177.91
Babolat Attraction Power177.87
Prince Sweet Perfection167.86
Gamma TNT167.81
Wilson Reaction167.71
Gamma Prodigy167.65
Wilson Sensation167.63
Prince Lightning XX177.61
Prince Syn Gut w/Duraflex177.59
Babolat Attraction167.56
Prince Lightning Power167.52
HEAD FiberGEL167.5
HEAD RIP Perfect Power167.5
Gamma Syn Gut177.44
HEAD FiberGEL Power167.42
Gamma Zo Power16L7.38
Prince Topspin Plus167.36
HEAD FXP167.33
Luxilon ALU Power Rough16L7.23
Prince Lightning XX167.23
Wilson Synthetic Gut Extreme177.18
Wilson Enduro Pro177.17
Gosen OG Sheep Micro167.16
Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour167.1
HEAD IntelliString16L7.1
HEAD IntelliTour167.1
Prince Syn Gut w/Duraflex166.96
HEAD Synthetic Gut166.94
Babolat Super Fine Play166.92
Luxilon ALU Power16L6.9
Prince Syn Gut Original166.84
Gamma Synthetic Gut w/Wearguard166.81
Gamma Marathon166.79
Wilson Stamina176.74
HEAD RIP Control166.68
Gamma Syn Gut166.66
Prince Syn Gut w/Duraflex15L6.63
Wilson Synthetic Gut Extreme166.62
Babolat Conquest166.61
HEAD Synthetic Gut PPS166.6
Prince TopSpin w/Duraflex15L6.6
Babolat Pro Hurricane176.58
Luxilon Original166.51
Wilson Stamina166.44
Wilson Enduro Pro166.42
HEAD RIP Perfect Control166.26
Prince Tour166.24
Prince Polygut166.11
Gamma Zo Life166.05
Babolat Pro Hurricane166.01
Gamma Marathon15L5.85
Prince Tournament Nylon15L5.76
Babolat Ballistic Polymono165.65
Wilson Hyperlast155.65
Prince ProBlend w/Duraflex165.19
Gamma Infinity15L4.63


Gamma Infinity15L9.53
Prince ProBlend w/Duraflex169.18
Wilson Hyperlast158.94
Luxilon ALU Power Rough16L8.89
Luxilon Original168.75
Gamma Zo Life168.7
Gamma Zo Power16L8.66
Luxilon ALU Power16L8.66
Gamma Marathon15L8.61
Babolat Pro Hurricane168.6
Wilson Enduro Pro168.58
Babolat Ballistic Polymono168.41
Wilson Enduro Pro178.33
Prince Tour168.29
Prince Polygut168.22
Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour168.2
Prince Syn Gut w/Duraflex15L8.16
HEAD Protector168
Babolat Pro Hurricane177.97
Prince Tournament Nylon15L7.86
Gamma Professional167.76
Luxilon TIMO177.67
Gamma Marathon167.63
Gamma Professional177.58
Gamma Live Wire XP167.49
HEAD RIP Perfect Power167.38
HEAD RIP Control167.35
HEAD RIP Perfect Control167.32
Prince TopSpin w/Duraflex15L7.28
HEAD IntelliTour167.27
Wilson NXT OS167.15
Gamma Prodigy167.12
Wilson NXT Max167.06
Wilson Stamina167.06
Gosen OG Sheep Micro167.04
Gamma Synthetic Gut w/Wearguard167.03
Tecnifibre 515 SPL167
Gamma Live Wire XP176.96
Gamma Live Wire166.96
HEAD IntelliString16L6.94
Prince Syn Gut w/Duraflex166.87
HEAD FXP166.85
Tecnifibre NRG2 SPL166.82
Gamma TNT166.81
Wilson Stamina176.78
HEAD FiberGEL Power166.77
Babolat VS + natural gut166.76
Tecnifibre X-One Biphase166.76
Babolat Tonic+ Thermo Ball Feel15L6.75
Babolat VS + natural gut176.74
Wilson Reaction166.73
Wilson Sensation166.71
Gamma Syn Gut166.71
HEAD Synthetic Gut166.63
Babolat Super Fine Play166.63
Wilson NXT Tour166.58
Prince Lightning Power166.58
Wilson NXT166.57
Prince Sweet Perfection166.57
HEAD FXP176.51
Gamma Live Wire176.47
Wilson Synthetic Gut Extreme166.47
Prince Premier w/Softflex166.41
HEAD Synthetic Gut PPS166.4
Prince Syn Gut Original166.37
Tecnifibre X-One Biphase176.3
Prince Syn Gut w/Duraflex176.3
Babolat Attraction166.29
HEAD FiberGEL166.23
Prince Lightning XX166.22
Gamma TNT176.19
Babolat Xcel Premium166.15
Wilson Synthetic Gut Extreme176.14
Prince Premier w/Softflex176.12
Babolat VS Touch Thermogut166.1
Gamma Syn Gut176.06
Prince Topspin Plus166.06
Wilson Natural166
Wilson Sensation175.98
Wilson NXT Tour175.97
Babolat Attraction Power175.97
Wilson NXT175.85
Tecnifibre NRG2 SPL175.82
Babolat Conquest165.82
Gamma TNT185.81
Wilson Reaction175.74
Prince Lightning XX175.71
Babolat Xcel Premium175.59
Babolat VS Team Thermogut175.43
Tecnifibre NRG2 SPL185.21
Wilson NXT Tour184.94


Babolat VS + natural gut169.65
Babolat VS + natural gut179.53
Babolat VS Team Thermogut179.52
Babolat VS Touch Thermogut169.45
Wilson Natural169.32
Babolat Tonic+ Thermo Ball Feel15L9.25
Tecnifibre X-One Biphase168.94
Wilson NXT178.89
HEAD Protector168.75
Gamma Professional168.68
Gamma Live Wire XP178.63
Wilson NXT Tour178.63
Gamma TNT188.63
Tecnifibre NRG2 SPL178.62
Prince Premier w/Softflex178.58
Tecnifibre NRG2 SPL168.55
Tecnifibre X-One Biphase178.5
Gamma Professional178.49
Wilson NXT168.47
Gamma Live Wire178.45
Tecnifibre NRG2 SPL188.42
Babolat Xcel Premium178.41
Wilson NXT OS168.31
Wilson NXT Tour168.3
Babolat Xcel Premium168.26
Wilson NXT Tour188.25
Gamma Live Wire XP168.23
Gamma Live Wire168.23
Gamma TNT178.21
Tecnifibre 515 SPL168.17
Wilson Sensation178.13
Prince Sweet Perfection168.1
Wilson NXT Max168.06
Prince Premier w/Softflex168.02
HEAD FiberGEL167.8
Wilson Reaction167.77
Wilson Sensation167.7
HEAD RIP Perfect Power167.69
Gamma TNT167.68
Babolat Attraction Power177.67
Wilson Reaction177.63
Gamma Prodigy167.58
Babolat Attraction167.38
HEAD FXP167.35
HEAD FiberGEL Power167.31
Luxilon TIMO177.28
Prince Lightning XX177.23
Prince Syn Gut w/Duraflex177.2
Gamma Syn Gut177.19
Gosen OG Sheep Micro167.16
Prince Syn Gut Original167.13
Prince Lightning Power167.09
HEAD IntelliTour167.07
Wilson Synthetic Gut Extreme177.05
Prince Lightning XX167.01
Prince Syn Gut w/Duraflex166.92
Babolat Super Fine Play166.92
Gamma Synthetic Gut w/Wearguard166.89
Gamma Zo Power16L6.86
Gamma Marathon166.84
Wilson Stamina176.83
HEAD IntelliString16L6.81
HEAD Synthetic Gut166.75
HEAD Synthetic Gut PPS166.75
Gamma Syn Gut166.73
Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour166.7
Prince Topspin Plus166.69
Prince Syn Gut w/Duraflex15L6.68
HEAD RIP Control166.65
Wilson Enduro Pro176.56
Wilson Synthetic Gut Extreme166.54
Babolat Conquest166.43
Wilson Stamina166.38
Prince TopSpin w/Duraflex15L6.3
Gamma Marathon15L6.27
HEAD RIP Perfect Control166.16
Luxilon ALU Power Rough16L6.09
Prince Tournament Nylon15L6.05
Wilson Enduro Pro166
Gamma Zo Life165.95
Babolat Ballistic Polymono165.94
Luxilon ALU Power16L5.92
Luxilon Original165.81
Prince Tour165.76
Babolat Pro Hurricane165.67
Prince Polygut165.61
Babolat Pro Hurricane175.52
Wilson Hyperlast155.12
Prince ProBlend w/Duraflex164.93
Gamma Infinity15L4.75


Babolat VS + natural gut168.69
Babolat VS + natural gut178.68
Babolat Tonic+ Thermo Ball Feel15L8.48
Gamma Professional168.45
Babolat VS Touch Thermogut168.34
Gamma Professional178.33
Wilson Natural168.27
HEAD Protector168.27
Babolat VS Team Thermogut178.21
Tecnifibre X-One Biphase168.14
Gamma Live Wire XP178.14
Gamma Live Wire XP168.03
Wilson NXT177.93
Tecnifibre NRG2 SPL167.9
Wilson NXT OS167.88
Wilson NXT167.85
Gamma TNT187.8
Tecnifibre X-One Biphase177.8
Gamma Live Wire177.8
Gamma Live Wire167.8
Wilson NXT Tour177.78
Tecnifibre NRG2 SPL177.78
Wilson NXT Tour167.77
Tecnifibre 515 SPL167.74
Wilson NXT Max167.71
Prince Premier w/Softflex177.65
Luxilon TIMO177.63
Gamma Zo Power16L7.63
Gamma TNT177.6
Tecnifibre NRG2 SPL187.54
HEAD RIP Perfect Power167.52
Prince Sweet Perfection167.51
Prince Premier w/Softflex167.5
Babolat Xcel Premium167.49
Babolat Xcel Premium177.45
Gamma Prodigy167.45
Gamma TNT167.43
HEAD FXP177.41
Wilson Reaction167.4
Luxilon ALU Power Rough16L7.4
Wilson Sensation167.35
Wilson Enduro Pro177.35
Wilson Sensation177.34
Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour167.33
Wilson NXT Tour187.25
HEAD FXP167.18
HEAD FiberGEL167.17
Babolat Attraction Power177.17
HEAD FiberGEL Power167.17
Prince Syn Gut w/Duraflex15L7.16
Luxilon ALU Power16L7.16
HEAD IntelliTour167.14
Wilson Reaction177.12
Gosen OG Sheep Micro167.12
Gamma Marathon167.09
Babolat Attraction167.08
Prince Lightning Power167.06
Prince Syn Gut w/Duraflex177.03
Luxilon Original167.03
Wilson Enduro Pro167
HEAD IntelliString16L6.95
Prince Syn Gut w/Duraflex166.92
Gamma Synthetic Gut w/Wearguard166.91
Gamma Marathon15L6.91
Gamma Syn Gut176.9
Gamma Zo Life166.9
HEAD RIP Control166.89
Prince Lightning XX176.85
Prince Lightning XX166.82
Babolat Super Fine Play166.82
Wilson Synthetic Gut Extreme176.79
Prince Syn Gut Original166.78
Wilson Stamina176.78
HEAD Synthetic Gut166.77
Prince Tour166.76
Babolat Pro Hurricane166.76
Prince TopSpin w/Duraflex15L6.73
Gamma Syn Gut166.7
Prince Topspin Plus166.7
Babolat Pro Hurricane176.69
Babolat Ballistic Polymono166.67
Prince Polygut166.65
Wilson Stamina166.63
HEAD Synthetic Gut PPS166.58
HEAD RIP Perfect Control166.58
Wilson Hyperlast156.57
Prince Tournament Nylon15L6.56
Wilson Synthetic Gut Extreme166.55
Prince ProBlend w/Duraflex166.43
Gamma Infinity15L6.3
Babolat Conquest166.29


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