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Stringing Machine Selection Guide 2006 -- Machine Heights

Machines are available with or without stands, and those with stands are often adjustible for height.

Model Stand included Stand available Table top stand. Table top opt. Height adj.
601F x
602F x
602S x
603GB x x
604S x
603S x x
607 x x
String Pal
Pioneer DC Plus x
Revo 4000 x
Axis Pro x x
Apex II x x
Eclipse x x
Equinox x x
Super Stringer II x
Traveler x
Star 5 x x
Sensor x x
Sensor Expert x
X-2 x x
Progression 602 x x
X-6 x x
Progression 602 FC x x
X-6 FC x x
Progression ST II x x
X-ST x x
5003 w/6pt x x
Progression Es II+ x x
X-Es x x
5003 w/2pt SC System x x
6004 w/6pt x x
6004 w/2pt x x
6500 Els w/6pt x x x
6500 Els w/2pt x x x
5800 Els w/6pt x x x
5800 Els w/2pt x x x
8500 Els x x x
8800 Els w/6pt x x x
8800 Els w/2pt x x x
Klippermate x x x
Klippermate Bad’ton x x x
280-CS x x x
440-CS x x x
Master Sports
SAM G-Force R1 x
SAM G-Force R2 x
SAM XLR8 x x
SAM XLR8+ x x
SAM NRG+ x x x
SAM ProMaster x x x
Mutual Power
Hercules 610 x
Alpine 2000 x x
Alpine 6000 x x
Alpine 2500 x x
Alpine 2600 x x
e-Bravo 550 x x
Hercules 630 x x
Alpine 6500 x x
Alpine 6600 x x
e-Bravo 760 x x x
Hercules 650 x x
Titan 7600 x x
Atlas 8600 x x
Atlas 9600 x x
Digital X8 x x
Neos 1000 x x
3000 x x
Silent Partner
Swing x
e.Stringer x
e.Stringer 6 point x
e.Stringer CL x
Jazz x x
e.Stringer FL x x
Maestro x x
e.Stringer DG x x x
Aria x x x
Opus x x
TF-6000 x x x
TF-7000 x x
TF-7000 with Cabinet x x
TF-8000 x x
2086 Professional Electronic Tension Head
ES5 Pro x x x


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