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Lacing Systems that Enhance Fit

By David Sharnoff

When it comes to tennis shoes, your players need to have a perfect fit. Wearing shoes that fit correctly will not only help your customers play their best tennis, but also, it can keep players from getting injured.

Many players, once they find a shoe that they think fits them and is comfortable, will typically stay with that shoe for a long time. But our feet change over time, and players need to make changes in their footwear, too, to get the best fit.

You can help your players get the perfect fit for their imperfect feet by suggesting various lacing systems that will reduce pressure in certain areas and allow the foot to move with fewer constraints. Based on common foot problems we encounter, the four lacing techniques below should help you customize the fit for your customers so they can play their best, and feel comfortable doing it.

Tips for a Perfect Fit

(Source: SoftSole)

Lacing examples

For players with a wide foot and/or narrow heel

For players who have a high instep, heel slippage, or pins and needles

For players who have a normal foot with a narrow heel

For players with a narrow foot

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About the Author

David Sharnoff is a podiatrist in Shelton, Conn.. He is a longtime advisor to the WTA Tour and a member of Tennis magazine's Technical Advisory Panel. Dr. Sharnoff also is a longtime contributor to professional journals in the field of podiatric medicine.



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