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Schools and colleges dominate these hard-court award winners.

By Peter Francesconi

Of the eight outdoor hard-court winners of the Racquet Sports Industry/American Sports Builders Association 2005 Facility-of-the-Year Awards, seven of them are at colleges or other schools. That may speak to the belief, particularly current nowadays, that tennis courts at educational institutions are for more than just students; the courts attract players from the surrounding communities.

Indeed, one of the winners here, the Ottawa (Ill.) Township High School, with its eight new courts, reports that since the new facility was built, the courts are constantly busy — both with students and community members.

As possible further support for schools and colleges as centers for community tennis is the fact that seven of these winners listed their projects as “new” construction. However, the eighth, the Vanderbilt University outdoor complex in Nashville, Tenn., while technically an “upgrade,” essentially is new, with six courts replacing the five existing courts.

Many of these winners are concerned with player comfort — nearly all made sure that there is seating for players either between or beside the courts. And many also accommodate spectators, with viewing areas and even “stadium” courts. Two facilities (Vanderbilt and the University of Alabama) installed TV quality lighting at their facilities, and Alabama even put in an electronic scoreboard.

Whether for their schools’ varsity teams, intramural programs, or the community at large, these winners are helping to enroll more players in the sport.

Chippewa Resort
Manitowish Waters, Wis.
(Nominated by Munson Inc., Glendale, Wis.)
Number of Courts: 1 (acrylic)
General Contractor: Munson Armstrong Paving Div., Munson Inc.
Surface: Plexipave/California Products Corp.
Nets, Net Posts: Douglas Sports
Fencing: Munson Fence Div.

University of Hawaii at Manoa Tennis Complex
Honolulu, Hawaii
(Nominated by Applied Surfacing Technology, Honolulu)
Number of Courts: 12 (acrylic)
Specialty Contractor: Applied Surfacing Technology
Surface: Laykold/Advanced Polymer Technology
Nets, Net Posts, Center Straps: BP International
Windscreens: M. Putterman

St. George’s Senior Boy’s School Tennis Facility
Vancouver, B.C.
(Nominated by Ocean Marker Sport Surfaces USA, Bellingham, Wash.)
Number of Courts: 4 (cushioned)
Specialty Contractor: Ocean Marker Sport Surfaces
Supplier: Degussa Construction Chemicals
Surface: Rebound Ace
Trench Drain: ACO Polymer Products

University of Alabama Outdoor Tennis Facility
Tuscaloosa, Ala.
(Nominated by Lower Bros. Co., Birmingham, Ala.)
Number of Courts: 12 (cushioned acrylic)
Specialty Contractor: Lower Bros. Co.
Surface: DecoTurf II/California Products Corp.
Nets: J.A. Cissel

Vanderbilt University Outdoor Tennis Facility
Nashville, Tenn.
(Nominated by Lower Bros. Co., Birmingham, Ala.)
Number of Courts: 6 (cushioned acrylic)
Specialty Contractor: Lower Bros. Co.
Surface: Plexicushion/California Products Corp.
Nets, Net Posts: J.A. Cissel

Sacred Heart Schools Tennis Facility
Atherton, Calif.
(Nominated by Beals Alliance Inc., Santa Clara, Calif.)
Number of Courts: 8 (acrylic)
Architect/Engineer: Beals Alliance
General Contractor: Jensen Corp.
Specialty Contractor: Saviano Co.
Surface: Deco Systems/California Products Corp.
Nets: Edwards Sports
Net Posts: UTI

Sandhills Community College Athletic Complex
Pinehurst, N.C.
(Nominated by Court One, Youngsville, N.C.)
Number of Courts: 4 (acrylic)
General Contractor: Court One
Surface: Advanced Polymer Technology
Nets, Net Posts: J.A. Cissel
Windscreens: M. Putterman
Center Straps, Trash Cans: BP International

Ottawa Township High School Tennis Courts
Ottawa, Ill.
(Nominated by Global Sports & Tennis Design Group, Fair Haven, N.J.)
Number of Courts: 8
Architect/Engineer: Global Sports & Tennis Design Group
General Contractor: Bovis Lend Lease
Specialty Contractor: U.S. Tennis Court Construction Co.
Surface: Court Master
Lighting: Courtsider Sports Lighting
Nets, Net Posts: Douglas Industries
Windscreens: M. Putterman

For details on the 2006 Outstanding Tennis Facility Awards, contact the ASBA at 866-501-ASBA or

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