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Outlook 2006 -- String: All tied up

The stringbed is forever the playground of infinite possibility.

The string market is on an eternal search for perfect combinations of racquet and string. There are so many different possibilities for stringbeds that it defies the imagination. The feel of the racquet can be completely altered by choosing different materials, construction, gauge, and tension. And on top of that, you can put different combinations of all the above separately into the crosses and the mains.

This mix and match mentality has been further fueled by two emergent trends in string today — the increase in hybrid and polyester strings. The polyester craze among pros has got recreational players trying it too. But polys are often too stiff and harsh for the average rec player. So, they are seeking hybrid combinations of poly with another string, often gut, to soften the blow and to still emulate the pros. Polys have become the mix and match champs of the string world. And the demand for polys has manufacturers scrambling to make more and different kinds of polys, primarily trying to make softer renditions with better tension holding capabilities. This has breathed new life into gut, which when used in poly hybrids creates a financial hybrid as well.

Of course, the quest for the perfect stringbed remains forever paradoxical — manufacturers try to make polyester more like nylon, and nylon more like gut. But, according to the pro trend, anyway, gut is “too good” (i.e., too much pop and playability), so it must be made more like nylon (by hybridization). Got it?

Happy matching for 2006!

New String for Spring 2006

String Gauges Construction Materials Len. (Ft) Color Cost
M-Fil tour 16,17 Multifilament Nylon 40 Natural $6.00
Comfort 16 Multifilament Nylon, Polyester & Polypropylene 40 Silver $16.19
Poly Pro 17 Monofilament Polyester 40 Yellow $12.46
Pro No. 1 16 Solid core single wrap Nylon 40 Natural $3.47
Tournament Pro 16 Solid core single wrap Nylon 40 Natural $4.95
Vacuum 16 Multifilament Nylon & Polyester 40 White $9.84
Natural Gut Tour 16,17 Multifilament Natural Gut 40 Natural $32.00
Natural Gut Tour Plus 16,17 Multifilament Natural Gut 40 Natural $38.00
Pyramid 16 Geometric Polyester 40 White $10.95
Armour Pro 16 Multifilament Natural gut 40 White $32.00
Force 16L,17,18 Solid core multi wrap Polyester 40/722 Transparent - Orange $19.80/
Poly Gut Blend 17 Hybrid Polyester/Natural Gut 21/20 Gold/
Weed Synthetic Gut 16,17 Solid core single wrap Nylon 45 Black, Natural $4.50
W Reflection 16 Multifilament Xycro Microfiber with Alloy Wraps 40 Black, Blue, Lime, Natural, Pink, Red $9.00
PolyTour 16L,16 Monofilament Polyster 39 White



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