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Tenniswear to Handle Sun and Heat

By Cynthia Sherman

More and more tennis apparel companies are recognizing the need to supply tenniswear that helps players deal with the sun, heat and humidity. As the northern part of the country enters the outdoor season, here are some of the latest fashions, incorporating the latest in moisture-managing fabrics that will help keep your players comfortable and cool.


Bill Evans, Tail’s vice president of sales and marketing, says the tennis industry has “evolved into a performance fabric mecca.” Tail’s popular Meryl spandex pique, a moisture-management and performance fabric, has enabled Tail to do two groups of clothing per season. Evans says tennis consumers want both a moisture-wicking performance fabric and sun protection, and their lines provide an SPF of up to 30. (800-678-8245;



“This fabric is so lightweight, we’ve done a reversible line with it, called San Tropez,” says Patrice Brayer of Marcia. Screen-printed colors on this technical fabric also come out crisper and won’t wash out because the “science” is woven into the fiber of the material. A topical application called ‘Dri-Fx’ permanently sets the moisture-wicking and heat-preventive qualities. (800-423-5208;



Bälle de Mätch’s tennis line uses its high tech “yip-dry” fabric, which also sports UV protection. BDM’s John Embree says this quality has to be woven into the thread, so there is no yellowing effect over time, which can occur in similar types of material. This kind of fabric is no longer tennis-specific. As its versatility suggests, says Embree, “Courtwear everywhere.” (847-729-2497)

Balle de Match


Lejay uses “Le Dry,” its moisture-management fabric, as its core fabrication not only in the fashion groups, but also in custom team uniforms, which come in 13 colors. Trish Levin, Lejay’s vice president of merchandising, says the fabric’s fluid feel and lightweight, quick-drying moisture-wicking ability are major selling points. (800-932-7535;



Sara Cruthers from Diadora says its team tennis lines, which account for 80 percent of their business, uses the “DiaDry” fabric, another lightweight, keep-you-dry, moisture-wicking fabric. It not only incorporates UV protection, but also contains anti-bacterial fiber containing silver ions designed to neutralize body odor. (253-520-8868;

Diadora / Gaston Gaudio


LBH and Lily’s of Beverly Hills showcases a number of separates featuring CoolMax, which enables the player to keep cool as they heat up. DuPont’s CoolMax started the trend in breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics that allow the wearer a greater degree of comfort and dryness during exercise and sports. “It’s the fiber that gives the fabric its cooling qualities,” says Katie Curry, LBH’s vice president of marketing. (800-421-4474;

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