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What's on Your Business Learning Calendar?

By Crawford Lindsey

What did you learn last week that will accelerate the continuous reinvention of yourself and your business in order to survive, compete, and prosper in today’s and tomorrow’s business environment? Approximately 800 PTR pros spent the last week in February at the annual PTR International Symposium attending on- and off-court seminars, networking, comparing best practices, and intermingling with the brightest minds in the tennis community. I was also lucky enough to attend and got to sit in on these sessions:

And, I missed many, many others, not being able to be everywhere at once!

If I were a teaching pro, retailer, club owner, stringer, etc., you would have to compete against me. Do you feel just an inkling of competitive disadvantage, inadequacy, or insecurity? No? Well how do you feel up against all those who have gone to every PTR Symposium, USPTA Conference, and many other educational conferences for the past 10 to 15 years? Have you ever wondered how these folks can afford to take an entire week or more away from work every year? Hmmm, do you think there is a connection?

Crawford Lindsey

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Crawford Lindsey  is co-author of The Physics and Technology of Tennis and Technical Tennis



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