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Ten Easy Steps to a Customer-Friendly Tennis Facility

By Glenn Arrington

Top retailers spend a considerable amount of time researching and analyzing what motivates the consumer to make a buying decision. Much of this research reveals that buying decisions are oftentimes emotionally based. We first want something, and then we rationalize the decision to buy it.

Successful retailers capitalize on this aspect of buying by making their customers feel comfortable and at home in their stores. And this same concept can hold true for tennis facilities looking to attract and keep new customers.

By tradition, some tennis facilities and their personnel can give off an intimidating appearance for newcomers. Perhaps it’s putting forth the image that tennis is “stuffy” or for the “elite.” Perhaps it is a facility that is “dated” and just needs a renovation to keep pace with the times. There could be a myriad of other reasons, but the result is that many new customers never get up enough courage to come in. If they do, they feel uncomfortable and leave quickly — empty-handed.

A large part of customer service is creating a seamless experience. When customer expectations are met or exceeded, the result is exponential growth in both revenue and customers. With the Tennis Welcome Center campaign, the idea is for new and returning players to have a fun, friendly, non-threatening first experience in tennis, so they’ll continue to play the game.

Below are some tips designed to make your facility customer-friendly.

It’s what happens after the customer arrives that determines whether you’ll keep them. Welcome customers with great people, great attitudes, and an inviting environment. Get them involved with your programs and staff. Get to know them, not only as customers, but also as people.

They’ll buy, they’ll come again, and they’ll tell their friends and neighbors.

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About the Author

Glenn Arrington is the USTA's product manager for Tennis Welcome Center, and is a PTR and USPTA pro.



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