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Outlook 2005: Introduction

Tennis industry professionals are eyeing the new year with optimism for retailing, participation, and the sport as a whole.

You’ve heard optimistic reports for the tennis industry before, including in these pages. But this time, we really mean it.

So much has happened in 2004, on so many fronts, that tennis really does appear to be poised to break loose in a big way, in terms of tennis participation, retail sales, increased play, court construction, etc. Recent initiatives by the USTA, Tennis Industry Association and many other groups involved in tennis are getting the ball rolling, and getting more and more key people and groups involved in the long-term health of the sport.

It’s still a little too early to see increases in the participation numbers, but, finally, the trend does appear to be upward. New programming and initiatives, such as the Tennis Welcome Centers and a major focus on the fitness that tennis provides, are certainly helping. Some of these initiatives are under way now, and they’re being refined and fine-tuned to get the best results. The following pages will tell you about the trends in the economy, participation and what manufacturers have in store to help you anticipate your customers’ purchasing trends.

It’s fair to say that 2004 was a building year for the sport. And now, in 2005, we should start experiencing the growth.



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