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All-Around Excellence

RSI and the ASBA bring you the best in tennis court construction. (Click here to read more...)

Anatomy of a Shoe

Shoes are an essential piece of equipment for your players. Here's what you and your staff need to know to best service your customers. Achilles Notch A cut out area at the top center of the heel counter that... (Click here to read more...)

Industry News

Information to help you run your business. (Click here to read more...)

Tennis NOW Through 'Coopetition'

There is nothing wrong with trying to sell the most racquets, build the most courts, recruit the most members, or teach the most players. In fact, that is what guarantees that the best products and services will be available... (Click here to read more...)

Playtest: Prince Lightning Power

Lightning Power is Prince's new solid-core/multi-wrap string in its all-around performance category. Prince orients strings in this category toward players who are looking for improved durability, comfort, feel, and spin. Prince feels that Lightning Power is ideal for players... (Click here to read more...)

USRSA Members' Choice Awards 2005

Our exclusive rankings, based on responses by USRSA members, will help you pick the right strings for your shop. (Click here to read more...)

Does Higher String Tension Give More Control and Spin?

By Dr. Simon Goodwill University of Sheffield, UK Most players are familiar with the general principle that low tension gives more power and high tension gives more control. The lower tension strings stretch more during impact and thus store... (Click here to read more...)

Help Yourself in 2005

A relatively small investment on your part will bring the force of a whole industry behind your business. (Click here to read more...)



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