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Our Serve: Off to a Good Start!

We’d like to do something that, in many ways, we don’t do enough of. We’d like to pat ourselves on the back.

Recently, we were notified that Racquet Sports Industry magazine, won an Apex 2004 Award of Excellence. Of course, we’re proud to have our work recognized in this way, but we think it’s important that you — our loyal readers and supporters — know that you also share in this honor.

RSI is the result of the merger of two industry stalwarts — Tennis Industry magazine and the U.S. Racquet Stringers Association’s Racquet Tech magazine. The merger brought together the best of both magazines into an even better publication, dedicated to covering this industry in a more complete way than ever before.

2004 Apex Award

The Apex Awards recognize excellence in graphic design, editorial content and the “ability to achieve overall communications excellence.” This year, there were about 5,500 entries in 109 different categories, with awards of excellence for about 1,700 publications and websites. RSI was one of 12 winners in the New Magazines and Journals category.

The talented men and women listed on the masthead just to the right of this column have been dedicated to the tennis and racquet sports business for a long time. We are all thrilled to have been recognized for creating a magazine that effectively communicates what this industry is all about.

However, we also believe that we’re simply the medium for a sports industry that, with each passing issue of the magazine, becomes more and more dynamic and supportive. To that end, we share this honor with the nearly 18,000 dedicated industry professionals who take the time to read RSI, and to the dozens of companies who support us — and the industry — through their marketing and advertising.

In truth, this Award of Excellence simply recognizes a good start. We’ll of course take the wins wherever they come, but we all know, and look forward to, a lot of hard and rewarding work as we continue down the road.

Dave Bone

Jeff Williams

Crawford Lindsey

Peter Francesconi
Editorial Director



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