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Our Serve: Now, It's Your Turn

By Peter Francesconi

Chances are, you’ve been bombarded lately with messages about how the sport of tennis needs the involvement of everyone — teaching pros, court builders, manufacturers, facility owners, pro shops, etc. Those of us who have been in this business for a long time — who have weathered the tough times and are still dedicated to seeing this sport, and this business, grow for all — realize that it is a critical time for tennis. People and programs are in place right now that may well help this sport turn a corner.

To that end, there’s something out there that we think you, as a tennis retailer, can’t afford to ignore. It’s the Tennis Industry Association.

The TIA has been in the trenches for years, fighting not only to increase tennis participation in the U.S., but, even more succinctly, to put more money into all of our pockets. The research and programs that the TIA sponsors have been invaluable tools for manufacturers, tennis facilities and others in this business.

This magazine is a member of the TIA, and we support the organization because we believe in its mission of growing the game and growing profits. And we’ve seen progress toward those goals over the years, in large part because of what the TIA — in conjunction with other groups, especially the USTA — has been doing.

But now, as a tennis retailer, it’s your turn.

Earlier this year, the TIA introduced a new “Tennis Retailer” membership category, designed to help retailers with their businesses, especially since it’s the tennis retailer who is the direct connection to tennis players. The new membership category also means retailers will have a bigger voice in what’s going on in the sport (the TIA recently named three tennis retailers to its board of directors).

TIA Tennis Retailers pay annual dues of $250, and in return they receive a raft of research designed to help them stay on top of the latest trends in the marketplace and to improve their business position. In addition, the TIA has other tools available to help you with your business. Contact the TIA or visit to see what the new retailer membership category can mean for you, and how it can help you increase your profits while helping to grow the game.

This is an investment in the sport. But maybe more importantly, it’s an investment in your business.

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Peter Francesconi is editorial director of Tennis Industry magazine.



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