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Our thousands of readers represent a wealth of information and experience about how to run a successful tennis business. Now, we’d like to collect and share this knowledge in the pages of RSI with our Best Practices Contest.

We’d like to tap into the knowledge you’ve accumulated as a tennis director, facility manager, pro shop retailer, stringer, teaching pro or other industry insider. Tell us what has worked successfully in your business, or how you successfully handled a situation.

Our Best Practices Contest, organized in conjunction with Dr. Robert Heller of The Winning Edge, is designed to do two things: identify those who are doing an excellent job running their businesses and, even more importantly, help to disseminate this information as a way we all can learn from each other and continue to grow and improve in what we do.

We realize that determining best practices opens up a vast area. To keep it manageable, though, we’d like to limit the first installment of RSI’s Best Practices to these four topics: Programming, Retail, Personnel and Personal Well-Being. In future issues, we will solicit more of your best practices about other aspects of the business.

Pick one or more of the areas below and briefly tell us what you did that worked in a specific instance and, where applicable, the results you obtained.

The questions we list can be used as a guide, to help you narrow in on a particular topic. You may well have a best practice that would address a different topic or question than what we list here.

Our panel of experts will go through each submission and will select the three or four best practices in each of the four categories. Those selected will be featured in upcoming issues of RSI and will receive a certificate from the magazine.

A few ground rules:


Possible topics could include:


Possible topics could include:


Possible topics could include:

Personal Well-Being

Possible topics could include:

Mail your submissions to:

RSI, Best Practices, 310 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd N Ste 400, Birmingham, AL 35203-3369.
Fax them to: 760-536-1171.



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