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Keep the lights on

Don’t wait for the lamps to burn out before you change them.

By Tracy Lynch

Once your lighting system has been installed it will require periodic and annual maintenance. Lighting maintenance is one of the most neglected segments of tennis-court maintenance across the country. Clubs frequently will wait until the lamp has completely burned out and change only the lamp that is out. That’s unfair to the players, and it may well drive people away from the facility. While the average lamp life for a metal halide source of light is 12,000 hours, group replacement of lamps is recommended after 8,000 hours to ensure maximum light uniformity.

As for annual maintenance to perform on your lighting system, it should include a physical inspection of poles for rust, exposed wires, loose brackets, and loosening of anchor bolts hardware. Not only do you want to keep the units themselves in working order, but also you don’t want players to get hurt or cut on ill-maintained poles or fixtures.

The lens cover on low-mast lighting systems should be cleaned annually using a mild soap detergent and water with a non-abrasive cleaning cloth. While cleaning the lens assembly, make sure you inspect the fixture for leaking gaskets and cracked glass.

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About the Author

Tracy Lynch heads up lighting sales and technical consulting for the tennis court lighting segment at Lee Tennis. If you have questions about a new or existing lighting system, you can reach him at 800-327-8379, by fax at 434-295-0492, or my e-mail at



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