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RSI Outlook 2004

As industry professionals gaze into their crystal ball, they see reasons to be optimistic in the new year.

What will your business be like in 2004? That’s the question all of us in the tennis industry ask at the start of each year. No one, of course, is able to see the future clearly and come up with a sure answer.

But, if you look at some of the trends on the horizon in the tennis industry, and the recent upturns in economic indicators, there appears to be some reason to believe this year may, indeed, be better than the last.

Not only does the economy seem to have improved, but racquet and shoe manufacturers are making some of their best product ever, tennis apparel continues to have crossover appeal off the courts, and players are ever more conscious of the role that strings and stringers are playing in their games. Combine all that with the major new initiatives to increase tennis participation put forth by the USTA, Tennis Industry Association and many other groups involved in tennis, and that crystal ball may well contain good fortune for this industry.

As in all business, “information” is your greatest resource. The following pages contain information about trends in the economy, participation and what the manufacturers have in store to help you anticipate your customers’ purchasing trends. And that’s the kind of fortune-telling that can only help your bottom line.



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